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How to Install a Solar System That Tracks the Sun

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If you live in an area that is surrounded by mature, dense forest, tall buildings or other obstructions, you may wonder if it is cost-effective for you to install a solar panel system. Your home may be oriented in such a way that the roof does not face towards the north, and this may be giving you additional pause for thought. Yet there are solutions available that can help you to capitalise on the power of the sun no matter what type of obstruction you may need to deal with. What do you need to know about a solar tracking system, and could it be the way forward for you?

Single- and Dual-Axis Systems

Typically, an array of photovoltaic panels will be attached to the roof in a fixed position and will take advantage of solar power during the hours of daylight. Yet systems are available that can be mounted onto a motorised base and that can be configured to track the arc of the sun as it passes through the daytime sky. Some of these systems have a dual-axis approach as well, and this means that they can move through a variety of different angles in order to deal with any additional obstructions.

You will need to have enough room to introduce one of these systems, however, and they are somewhat more complex to install. Nevertheless, they may allow you to generate a lot more solar power during those crucial daylight hours, and you may well be able to sell more back to the local grid to take advantage of any tariff offers.

Other Considerations

When you consider this approach, bear in mind that you will have to spend a little more during the year for routine maintenance. While a conventional PV array is largely maintenance-free, this type of system does rely on moving parts that will need to be kept in good working order. Furthermore, if you live in an area where snow can sometimes be an issue, you will have to clear away any major storm accumulation before your system can once again track that winter sun.


Don't give up on your solar-powered dream just because you may have some obstacles to overcome or feel that your house may not be ideally situated. Talk with an electrician who has experience with this type of system to see if they can install a motorised tracker on your roof.

To learn more, contact a company that offers solar power solutions.