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Three Small Electrical Additions To Your Home That Makes Life Much Easier

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Most homes have very similarly styled electrical grid, with one main light (or two) in each room and then perhaps some heated lights in the bathrooms along with a fan. That is generally it when it comes to your lights, and then you will have a few power outlets in each room for (hopefully) easy-to-access spots for your convenience. Most people don't try to get their electricians to add any flourishes or special touches that could make life easier. That is a shame because electricians love tackling interesting and unique ideas, so here are a few to set you off in the right direction. 

Wardrobe Lighting

Most Australians don't have a walk-in wardrobe but rather a simple recess in the wall with space for storage, a pole to hang clothes and some room for a set of drawers. This space can be quite difficult to navigate, especially at night when you are preparing to go out and searching for the perfect combination of clothing pieces. While walk-in wardrobes generally do have dedicated lighting, regular wardrobes don't unless you get them specially installed. This is a very easy addition, and you can either have a dedicated switch for these lights or they can be wired up to the switch that controls your room's main light. 

Upgraded Internet

If you have ever struggled with the download speeds of your WiFi, you know the extreme frustration that only that situation can cause. Many people don't realise that electricians can install data points where you can add in new routers closer to your computer or entertainment console. This means you can revert to a wired connection and ditch WiFi, and this provides a serious upgrade in Internet speeds. It might seem like a backward step in terms of technology, but the simple fact is that wired internet connections are still far quicker and more robust, and if that is important to you, then you should avoid WiFi if possible. 

Advanced Lighting Controls

While it may seem like something more out of a movie than a feature you could have in real life, both clappers and dimmers are very simple additions to lighting controls. Everyone knows the pain of having to get up to turn off a light so you can watch a movie unimpeded by a bright light or so you can go to sleep. Clappers allow you to control your lights from the comfort of your bed or sofa, while dimmers let you set the mood much better than the more traditional bright lights currently installed in your house. Remember that this is your home, and if you want these additions, don't let a small fee stop you from attaining it. 

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