Fuses and Circuit Boards: A Guide

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When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Switchboard?

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The electrical switchboard is one of the most crucial parts of your house. However, most people ignore the switchboard when getting repairs for their electrical appliances. Electrical switchboards offer a direct route to get electricity where you need. As time passes, these devices degrade and need replacement. That will ensure a continuous smooth flow of electricity. Old switchboards may not have enough energy for the new technology in household appliances. If you are not sure whether you need switchboard upgrades, look out for these signs.

Improper Functioning of Appliances

When you notice that most of your appliances are not offering their maximum efficiency, your switchboard may not be keeping up. Check whether your devices are getting the right amount of current needed. New electrical machines may not get the right amount of current from an old switchboard. Therefore, it is best to call an expert electrician to install a new switchboard in your house. 

Use of a Fuse in the Switchboard

Most old houses used fuses during construction. New homes, however, incorporate the use of circuit breakers. Fuses and circuit breakers work to protect your house from electrical surges. The difference is that fuses are prone to blowing or melting and can cause short-circuit in your home. Some severe cases could end up in fires. A fuse-based system may have been enough for the old houses in the past. But the daily energy requirements today can overpower the fuse. If your electrical system still uses a fuse, get an expert to install a circuit breaker. That will help to increase safety in your house. 

Plans for Renovations

Renovations lead to various changes in your house. Your switchboard should have enough energy to handle any changes made on the circuit. Also, you can get new devices during your remodelling that cause a burden on the switchboard.

Keep in mind that switchboard upgrades are more for safety reasons than convenience. Thus, it is a matter you should take seriously. When you get an electrician to set an electrical system, find out if the switchboard needs upgrading. That will ensure that you always update your switchboard on time. It will also help to prevent costly inconveniences in the future. 


These are some signs that you should change your switchboard system. Ignoring the need for switchboard upgrades puts you and your loved ones at risk.

When you realise that your switchboard needs upgrading, call a professional electrician. Never update your unit unless you are a licensed electrician. Replacing your switchboard is a dangerous task that requires proper skills.