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Is your hot water system really broken?

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Did you jump in the shower this morning to find that the expected warm water was an ice-cold jet? Have you tried to wash the dishes and found that your tap water is cold when it should be hot? If your hot water systems aren't working, it could be a good idea to call an engineer, but before you do that, it is worth considering whether there is anything that you could do to rectify the fault. Often, when an engineer looks at the hot water systems in a house, there isn't a big issue, and the homeowner could have solved the problem themselves if they had known what to do. Here are a few occasions where you can fix your hot water system.

Do you need to adjust the timer?

If your hot water systems rely on a timer to turn on and off, the reason you may not be getting hot water when you expect could be because the timer is wrong. Maybe, you have forgotten to adjust the clock, or maybe, there has been a brief power cut that returned the clock to its default setting. Resetting the timer clock is a simple job that you can accomplish yourself without calling an engineer or a plumber.

Is the thermostat set correctly?

Your hot water systems will only heat the water to the temperature indicated by the thermostat. Is it possible that someone has accidentally lowered the thermostat, or perhaps turned it off completely? If your thermostat is set low, your hot water systems will be barely heating the water, and you might mistakenly believe that the system is broken.

Is there an electrical fault?

One of the problems that people encounter when trying to have their hot water systems fixed is that it isn't always apparent whether there is a plumbing fault or an electrical fault, and they aren't sure who they should call to fix the problem. An easy way to see whether you have a failed boiler or a minor electrical fault is to examine the electrical connections on the boiler. See whether the panel is correctly illuminating and whether power is reaching everywhere that you would expect. Checking the power should help you see whether your boiler is at fault or whether you have only an electrical fault.

One final idea?

If nothing appears to be wrong with your hot water systems, it is always worth resetting the system by turning it off and then on again. Resetting the system often encourages stalled systems to start working again. If none of these ideas works, you must call a repair engineer to fix your hot water systems. Checking for a minor issue is fine, but when there is a fault with your hot water systems, a qualified engineer is needed.

Contact a hot water system service for more information.