Fuses and Circuit Boards: A Guide

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Have You Checked Your Hot Water System Recently?

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Your hot water system is at the heart of your home. It’s easy to forget how often you turn on the hot water for washing up, showering or cooking, but if your hot water system fails, you will soon notice all of the things that you suddenly can’t do and will need to call a maintenance team without delay. While most plumbing and electrical problems can be quickly resolved by a qualified engineer, it is far better to avoid failure by instituting a hot water maintenance regime. Read More»

Everything Beginners Should Know About Solar Installation Subsidy Programme

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Solar home systems comprise stand-alone photovoltaic devices that harness energy from the sun. Solar energy systems are common in homes that are not connected to the grid or those that wish to reduce energy expenses since solar energy is renewable. These systems can be used for lighting and powering home appliances, such as televisions and radios. When you want to install a solar system, you must get a certified and experienced electrician or installer to do a professional job for you. Read More»

Handling Electrical Hazards Endangering Different Industrial Work Groups

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Large manufacturing and processing set-ups comprise several units. These departments are responsible for making the individual components of finished products, which you put together for a quality check before releasing them into the market. All these independent units have different requirements for electrical wiring. The intricate connection of electrical cables, switches and circuits means that people working in your production units always encounter specific hazards. Are you aware of these dangers? Read More»

How to Install a Solar System That Tracks the Sun

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If you live in an area that is surrounded by mature, dense forest, tall buildings or other obstructions, you may wonder if it is cost-effective for you to install a solar panel system. Your home may be oriented in such a way that the roof does not face towards the north, and this may be giving you additional pause for thought. Yet there are solutions available that can help you to capitalise on the power of the sun no matter what type of obstruction you may need to deal with. Read More»

Are You Up-To-Date With Electrical Testing at Work?

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Do you have a sizeable commercial operation and rely on a number of different appliances to perform the work involved? If so, then you have a duty of care to ensure that other people who come into contact with these appliances are as protected as possible. This duty of care may extend to customers as well as your regular employees, and you need to have a procedure in place to look after this issue. Read More»

Your Essential Safety Guide for Performing Work Near Overhead Power Lines

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Supported by poles or towers, overhead power lines are the most widely used mode of electricity transmission and distribution in Australia. They are sometimes referred to as aerial power lines, owing to the fact that they are suspended in the air. The design and construction of overhead power lines vary depending on the voltage they are carrying. While these power lines are easier and cheaper to install, maintain and replace than their underground cousins, they can lead to accidents and injuries in the workplace. Read More»

Three Safety Guidelines to Follow When Doing Electrical Repairs

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One of the most volatile home improvement projects to undertake is carrying out electrical repairs. The challenge with these repairs is that a small mistake can create a fire hazard in the home. Poorly installed wiring has been known to cause damage to appliances and even cause home fires. Mistakes in wiring also endanger the lives of the people living in the home because they create risks such as electric shocks. Read More»

Looking to Replace Damaged Electrical Wiring? What to Expect and How Much It Might Cost

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During times when people rely heavily on electrical devices, damaged wiring can be an inconvenience. Frayed wires may interfere with outlets, circuit boxes, and lighting. This is why rewiring your home is a good idea. If your property isn’t keeping up with your electrical needs, a full rewiring can restore functionality and increase capacity after work is complete. Here’s what you can expect during the repair process and how much it might cost you. Read More»